Why does cigarette get stinky after you re-lit them?


I’ve been smoking for awhile (dont try smoking, IT IS BAD) and many time when I have to snuff out the cig after a few puff to attend some matter. After light them up again, the taste, smell is accompanied by this stinky and sometime disgusting for a few brand. Why is that? Is there some chemical that get burnt away for the 1st time you light the cig?

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Because what you’re essentially smoking when you light it back, is the burnt part. Try cutting it off with a scissors and you’ll see the difference.

I smoke js. Same thing happens. I think the hot smoke travelling down the tube kinda toast the inside before it even gets burned in the last half.

At least with weed this is what happens.

If you smoke half a joint and then open it up, the unsmoked half is still like half smoked from the hot smoke vapourising it. So the last half of the joint is always worse than the first half because it’s like already partially smoked from the hot vapours.

It’s easier to see with weed because it’s bright green and changes colour. If you already happen to smoke weed go check it out with a joint and you can see, the last portion of the joint gets like “presmoked’ by the vapours and is like half smoked before the embers even get to it lol.

Like if you open up a half-smoked joint you’ll see that it’s vapourized to brown colour before the embers even reach it. Like the last half is partially smoked before you even smoke it, because I the hot vapour inside the tube

When you light a cigarette, the heat of the flame breaks down some of the chemicals in the tobacco. This makes a gas that smells nice. But when you re-light a cigarette, that gas is already gone. So you just get the smell of burning paper and tobacco, which isn’t as nice.