Why/how is there so much air in our stomach? Why is it upsetting and why is it relieving to burp it out?


Specifically after skipping breakfast or after being drunk and the following morning?

In: Biology

The air gets into our stomachs because when we swallow we actually swallow air as well as food, drink, etc. and can also come from carbonated drinks that continue to release bubbles after we drink them. It can be upsetting whenever too much of this air is in the stomach because the air is less dense than the liquid in the stomach and will want to rise upward (in the wrong direction), this is also why it’s relieving once you’ve removed it through burping.

As an extra, when air comes out the other end it is typically caused by the bacteria in your intestines releasing air as a result of eating. This is why people are lactose intolerant. Lactose is just a specific type of sugar and people who are lactose intolerant don’t digest it themselves so it passes on to the intestines where the bacteria get to have an all you can eat buffet and the result is tons of air being released.