Why is mint the default “fresh” flavor?


Why is mint the default “fresh” flavor?

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Mint is the default “fresh” flavor because it is a refreshing flavor that is not too strong.

Similar to how spicy things taste hot, mint tastes cool in a way that’s detected by a mechanism other than taste buds.

Probably because mint has menthol which tricks your tongue that you’re eating something cold. More specifically, it binds to the TRPM8 receptor on your tongue, which the receptor is responsible of sensing coldness. People tend to feel more fresh when we are at cooler places and eating cooler foods compared to when we’re at hot places and eating hot food (because we sweat I think).


“Fresh” is all a marketing gimmick. Research has established that menthol is cold spicy and capsaicin is hot spicy. This next part gets technical… if you mix them together you get neutral spicy.