Can humans eat “into storage”?


Meaning, eating more than you need to feel satiated and therefore keeping the hunger away longer? Sometimes you hear people say “I will eat a lot now because I can’t eat well again for a while”

In: Biology

Assuming I’m understanding your question correctly, in my experience yes. I’ve definitely eaten meals that were large enough that I completely skipped a later meal because I wasn’t feeling hungry.

Not really. Some nutrients will be absorbed in the body for later use, like some vitamins and calories, which get stored as fat. Those nutrients can be drawn down upon later for survival, so in theory a really obese person could totally fast from food if they supplemented with the nutrients that don’t go “into storage”. But this is actually quite dangerous and should only be done with medical supervision.

To answer the other part of your question, hunger isn’t directly tied to “available nutrients in storage” but rather to a complex variety of factors such as blood sugar, the volume of food currently in our stomachs/intestines, our activity level, and some brain chemistry tied to the pleasure-feedback system of eating yummy food.

So no, eating a bunch of food *now* doesn’t necessarily delay the onset of future hunger and a doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able healthily survive off of stored nutrients.

You can but to actually burn the storage you basically need to gain weight/fat & then fast for so long your body starts eating that storage, you’re incredibly hungry all the while.

In short you can’t just have a big lunch because dinner won’t be for a while & not get hungry.