Eli5 Why construction workers start so early in the morning?


Eli5 Why construction workers start so early in the morning?

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To be done earlier in the day. It’s not as big a deal in winter, but in summer working before the sun is fully up means spending less time in the worst of the sun/heat.

For my 50 years, it was to beat the day getting hotter, (Texas), and it is hard to sit around till 9 when you would be burning daylight. Lots of other reasons for sure.

Deadlines set by salesmen and contractors have to be met, and with so much that can/will go wrong and so many different groups colaborating you have to put in a lot of hours to meet those deadlines.

Example: “The framing needs to be done by tomorrow morning so the HVAC guys can come do their job. Oh, we are short on lumber? Good thing we cought that at 6am. Let’s go get more right away so we can finish today and meet our deadline.”

Depends where you live. I used to live fairly far north. In summer the sun would rise enough that it was light at 3am, but wouldn’t get dark until after 10pm. Those months we worked 7am-7pm, sometimes later. Even in the middle of summer, the heat was never unbearable in the middle of the day (unless it was a freak heatwave).

Then in winter the sun would rise at 8am and set by 4pm, so we worked 8am-4pm. So we didn’t have to work in the dark and cold.

Part of that is just cultural, but working in the daylight is much easier and safer than working in the dark. You also don’t have to spend money hiring lighting rigs.

Maybe the question should be why the typical office worker’s day is skewed so late when you think about sun rise