How do image aspect ratios adjust for unique screen sizes?


I work in Social Media, but have always been confused on how our ads adjust for different screen sizes.

For example, we are told that a 9:16 aspect ratio is the best for full screen ads (think IG stories). However, since phones have different screen sizes, would these 9:16 ads be able to adjust to full screen for all devices? Or would certain devices not see these ads as full screen and there would be some dead space?

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In web developement it is possible to dynamically resize content, think of how a website works the same on every monitor, but the contents may be shifted around.

So lets say you have a sqaure with text in the middle, you can tell the text of the content to resize or move if the square is a certain size, this can apply for a whole website for example, where content gets shifted around depending in your screen size.

You can tell content always be on the edge of screen and always stay x percent from the whole screen away from this other content.

The same principle applies to ads.

Almost all screens are 16:9, 21:9 or 16:10 ratio. If you record a video it is pretty much alway 16:9 ratio.

When there is a mismatch in aspect ratio the screen will be as big as possible for the worst match and for the void you just get black bars filling it.

Sometimes wide screen is forced by having black bars on the top and bottom. Which forces a wide-screen device to have black bars all around the video….

Most phones nowadays have a wide-screen display.