What exactly does it mean to Direct a movie or a film? What role do they technically play and what exactly do they do?



Because I always see that the directors of movies are given much more significance.

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That’s because a director’s job description involves participation in nearly every phase of a project. A film director controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects and visualizes the screenplay (or script) while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfilment of that vision. The director has a key role in choosing the cast members, production design and all the creative aspects of filmmaking.

The director is the creative vision that is the final say on most, if not all, aspects of the film. They are the person who has the job of taking a script and turning it in to a movie.

Naturally they will delegate some of their authority to other directors and departments because “implementing a creative vision” is a really large task that is hard for just one person to do properly, but in general if there is a decision to be made the director or someone the director appoints will make it.

It’s in the name: the director directs. They are in control, and they are the person giving everyone orders what to do and when, how, and to do it again if it’s not right.

Depends on the director for how much significance they’re given. Spielberg will get big letters somewhere in the poster because Spielberg is a name known for knocking out a lot of big hit movies.

But they’re pretty much the middle management of a production, with producers above them acting as the executives. The directors have a huge say in the creative process and how the vision is realized. And while the producers might demand this or that changed, it’s the director actually doing the work to make it all come together and to guide the actors and camera crew and support staff to achieve the right angles and the dialogue dropped in the right way and the right lighting.

I suppose you know what shooting a movie is like right? Everything there is the choice of the director, including:

* Actors, where do they stand, how do they move, how do they act. The directors keeps on telling the actors to change it this way or that way, until they get the shot that they want.

* Camera, where are they, how they move, which lenses to use, etc. The cameraman just follow the director’s direction.

* The above is also true for other elements in the scene, such as lighting.

* Locations, props, and costumes. The director tells the location scout, what kind of setting they are looking for. The scouts then look for places and come back to the director with a short list of locations. Then either the director pick a location from the list, or tells the scout to look for more. The same idea is true for props and costumes.

* Post-production, the above is also true for any other process, like editing, sequence, the sound, the songs, color grading etc.

Basically, nearly all the creative process AFTER the screenplay UNTIL the movie is there, have to be ran through the director, and the director have the final say in everything.

So what is it the director are not in charge of? Director usually work for producer, and producer are in charge of the money. Such as, what is the budget, how much will everyone get paid, WHO is the director, making the trailer, the marketing, deals with cinema etc2.

Think of a director like a CEO of a mini company. He controls the aspects of production by hiring directors that lead the departments to fulfill his (and the production company’s) vision. Those directors will then hire managers to lead their subteams.

Obviously not all movies will have all of these departments. Not all movies have stunts. Not all movies have location shooting. Not all movies have composers.

I may be missing a few departments, but this is most of them.

He or She will hire the:
DP – Director of Photography. The person in charge of anything related to directly capturing what’s going on. They will have a team of camera operators, lighting guys, electricians, etc in charge of capturing the film.

Casting Director – In charge of hiring the actors.

Art Director – In charge of the art department which includes the production team, the set design, makeup, costumes, sculptures, miniatures, painters, storyboarders, animation, special and visual effects, etc.

Editor – Edits the movie. This includes both film editing and sound editing

Stunt Director – Handles the stunts

Composer – In charge of the music department. They hire all the performers, compose the music, musical mixing, musical design, etc.

Transportation Director – In charge of transportation. Driving everyone to all the different locations where filming will take place.