What is the real implication of “External Use Only”



In the same realm as “do not operate heavy machinery” when taking certain medications and people think construction equipment but it mostly means automobiles, what are the implications when a product says “for external use only”?

My mind always goes to “DO NOT INGEST” but is there something else they are warning against that’s more common that’s slipped my mind?

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Don’t shove it in your butt. Don’t snort it up your nose. Don’t stick it in your ears. Basically, leave your orifices out of it.

When it comes to lawnmowers and stuff it’s so people don’t trim houseplants with it, or accidentally kill themselves by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, most of those warning labels are because somebody was an idiot and companies don’t want to get sued.

There is a saying: “Regulations are written in blood.” It means that certain rules exist BECAUSE someone did the thing once and it was really bad. In the case of external use only, there is someone out there who does not have the intuition to know that certain substances should only be used in certain places. There are many reasons why this would be, but they don’t really matter–in the end, you have to make sure that people do not hurt themselves.

As to your question of ingesting–well, there are plenty of orifices in the human body besides the mouth..

I want to go ahead and assume it means do not insert said product into any orifices.

I figure it covers all their bases. It can mean “do not eat” but also “do not use as a douche” or something.

Basically “don’t use this shampoo as lube you fucking moron”.

It’s to cover their butts in case some idiot tries to sue them because the urge to shove a bottle of hand sanitizer up their ass.