– Why does marketing work if people hate ads?


– Why does marketing work if people hate ads?

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Why does a YouTube always say “like, subscribe and ring the bell” in every video.

It works on some level.

The thing about advertising is that a lot of it is sheer persistence. Show the product enough times and eventually some people will consider giving it a go.

The goal is to a few few conversions per thousand ads or something like that. It’s a numbers game.

Just because someone does not like ads, it does not mean that they do no work on some level. They do no necessarily work by gaining yoru favour, but work but sticking in the back of your mind and having some influence in your decision making.

Because we are inherently biased.

If you look at a lot of Ads, the first thing they flash you is their logo, then their product.

Why? because the next time you are in the store looking at said product, even though you hate the ad’s guts, you are MUCH more familiar with the ad’s brand than the rest of the competitors.

Then there’s the fallacies, seeing an advertisement on a product whether on TV or website makes a lot of people think the product is more “official” or legit than products that aren’t displayed in an ad, sometimes the effect will cause the consumer to ignore actual effectiveness or pricing.

And here’s the thing with Ads, regardless of how much you hate the ad, simply because of the amount of exposure, if you show the ad to 1 million people, even at a success rate of 0.5%, that’s 5,000 units sold. This is why companies pay big money to YouTubers with 1 million + subscribers.

People hating ads doesn’t change people being susceptible to them. We can all hate when a video game ad comes up on youtube for example, but every so often we might go “I kind of want to play that”, and that makes the advertising worthwhile.

We all think we’re immune to advertising, but we’re not. Most of us just aren’t good at detecting when a purchasing decision we’ve made has been caused by advertising.

Because marketing is about building familiarity and letting you know what products are out there.

Edit: Accidentally hit submit too soon. But if given a choice between 2 products, one from a brand you know of, and one from a brand you’ve never heard of, you’re far more likely to pick the one you know about. A lot of marketing is about building that association so that, even if not immediately in the market for that product, should you be in the future, you’ll think of that brand.

People say they hate ads, but they notice them anyway. Advertising is just about being seen and putting an idea in peoples’ heads.

They’re not targeting the people who skip them or turn them off or change the channel. They’re targeting the people the who patiently watch the advertisements having been subjected to them their whole lives.