why does stretching feel good?


Stretching feels good but why?

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It activates a system in you known as “parasympathetic” system. This system is responsible for the feeling of calmness and relaxation, it help with digestion and resting

It helps release tension in the muscles and improves blood flow, and activate the release of endorphins, which are feel good chemicals in the brain

It’s supposed to feel good?

When you stretch, you shear layers of your muscle cells and this makes your body release small amounts of natural opioids! That’s why it feels so good

If you’re talking stretching near the limits of motion: The body tends to tense up when the muscles are stretched. They don’t want to overstretch so they tense up as a defense mechanism and send pain signals to your brain.

When you stop stretching, homeostasis kicks in and you when the pain and muscle panic are gone you feel more relaxed.

In terms of not stretching near the limit: you have to tense your muscles to stretch while the antagonist muscles have to relax. When you finish stretching, the agonist muscles relax too. So, everything is relaxed.