Boltzmann Brain


I see that this thought experiment is more so a game of odds than anything else.. right? It’s not to say you’re actually a Boltzmann Brain, or else that would constitute more philosophy than actual hard evidence to believe in such a thing. Similar to brain in a vat or Decartes Demon thought experiment, at least this is what I’m thinking about currently

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It is a thought experiment. There is a non-zero chance that you could just be a disembodied brain floating around in the universe and everything you think you’ve experienced never happened. It’s not particularly likely – you probably actually exist.

Are you familiar with “[Last Thursdayism](”?

The concept is the same.

Except, rather than the *universe* being created last Thursday, *your consciousness* is created from a randomly assembled set of materials.

To be clear, not *your brain*, just a bunch of matter that runs your consciousness, stripped down and absent the rest of your body. Maybe not your brain, just enough to simulate your consciousness and all the memories associated with it.

Correct, you’re not a Boltzmann brain and no serious physicist or philosopher thinks you are or are likely to be one.

Rather, th concept of Boltzmann Brains is used as a tool to help distinguish viable multiverse hypotheses from non-viable ones. Those that end up being dominated by Boltzmann brains, as opposed to evolved brains, are considered non-viable.