Can cross breezes be effectively created to cool a dwelling in ALL hot environments?


I live in a mediterranean climate (So Cal) and I’ve found that I always seem to have a cross breeze that makes the weather very nice during the summer. The breeze just runs through one door and out the other. Cross breezes seem to be an incredibly effective way to deal with heat.

So my question is really two part:

1. Due to high pressure, is there always wind that exists alongside hot air?
2. Can this wind be utilized to create a cross breeze in most hot climates across the world?

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I’m assuming you, like most SoCal residents, live relatively close to the water. If that’s the case, your breeze isn’t due to the heat: it’s due to the *difference* in heat between the hot land and cold Pacific. In other words, it’s a sea breeze – and you don’t get those without a large body of water.

1. High pressure is incapable of generating wind by itself. A wind requires a difference in pressures, so if there is a large high pressure system directly over you, there will be no wind. At the edge of the system where the high pressure is next to a low pressure you’ll get wind.
2. See 1. You can use a large fan to create a breeze. This will make you feel cool in CA since the humidity is only probably around 20-60% during the day.

Remember when the California weather was very nice throughout the *different* seasons?

Pepperidge farms and I remember.