eli5 do things and products you buy from stores have germs on them. Even stuff that’s inside a box?


eli5 do things and products you buy from stores have germs on them. Even stuff that’s inside a box?

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Unless it is sealed, then it’s a safe bet that there are some form of germs on it. Germs are everywhere.

we are immersed on a pool of germs, bacteria, microorganisms, etc. If we lived underwater imagine the complex operation it would be to create a box without water. Same thing. To create a box without germs it will probably mean without living stuff but you will still have their dead “bodies” there. NASA will send missions to ice moons on the solar system. Their mission will be search for life there. Imagine how sterile those spaceships will have to be, or we will be discovering shit carried from earth, instead of legit life that may exist there.

Everything on Earth that doesn’t instantly kill all life has germs. Germs are so good at getting everywhere that when we found somewhere that *didn’t* have any germs, it hit the news.

And boxes aren’t even trying to be sterile environments, there are loads of things in a shop that have fewer germs on them than boxed products too. Eg, canned products.

To expand on that yep, unless explicitly sterile like medical supplies or scientific instruments there’s likely some degree of microbial life on it. Benign amounts where it’s harmless and ineffectual to a person.
There’s even allowances for certain amounts of bug parts and rodent hair allowed in food and still considered safe.
There are microorganisms everywhere, all over everything including people. They don’t really do much for the average person(aside from how we smell, or maybe give small infections if skin is broken).

Some things are better than others, canning for example is designed to kill all of the microbes with heat and to some extent pH, and water content values.

Some things may be irradiated or pasteurized to kill more things off and then sealed, but again, reduced doesn’t mean 100%.