Eli5: How do all skincare/beauty/shower products ensure that if you use X then use Y they don’t react to make acid or some nasty chemicals on your skin?


As the title says really, how do companies know that if you use this particular shampoo then this conditioner then this hair product they dont all combine to make bleach or make your hair fall out? I use 4 or 5 different products in the shower and another 2 or 3 when im out and dried, are there regulations to ensure they dont react with each other?

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The chemicals used in these products are usually very nonreactive, and their effects well studied. And all the products they’re used with are the same, as well as usually made of similar stuff.

My guess is this would also come out in the testing phase they’re required to do, but I have no idea what that actually entails.

Additionally, such a reaction would be obvious were it to occur, and would be followed by a swift recall.

That’s not to say there can’t be bad stuff in them. The EU bans significantly more cosmetics than the US for example, and I imagine that’s for a good reason, what exactly that is though, you’d need to talk to someone who actually knows about this subject and isn’t just guessing an answer.