ElI5: The difference between runway fashion and consumer products.


I don’t think I really understand the difference. I see brands like Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga present these avant-garde outfits on the runway, but obviously you’re not going to see those in the store..bedsides creative expression, what necessarily is the purpose of that? How does it make money / benefit the company? And why do you occasionally see some kind of celebrity wearing one of the runway outfits?

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Think of it sort of like concept cars at auto shows… they show an overall trend and concept exploration, which will inevitably be toned down once they get some feedback from influences and potential customers. They may stick with the colors and fabrics, but not the outlandish cuts baring body parts not shown in public, dialing back oversized details.

I’ve noticed a trend that may apply here while listening to long running fan made podcasts about movies and anime.

People don’t want to see the same thing over and over again. It gets boring. So when the average person sees 20 movies in a year, and 10% of movies have the twist that the ginger is actually the villain, the average person will see an unexpected twist.

However when movies are your job, you watch 300 movies a year. By the end of the year you have seen the ginger villain twist 30 times and it’s gotten old.

So when you make a movie to cater to people that have seen 300 movies this year, you can’t have the ginger person be the villain. You also have a hundred other commonalities between those 300 movies to avoid, so you end up with something that seems out of left field to the average person because it’s avoiding all those tropes.

I think the same applies to fashion shows. The people they are made for look at fashion all day and you interest them by showing them something they haven’t seen in their year of spending 40+ hours a week looking at fashion.