eli5: Why do humans find dangerous/deadly animals cute?


How is this explained biologically/psychologically,

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Human beings have evolved to find babies cute. This makes us love babies and want to protect them, which leads to babies growing up with the support and help they need to become successful adults and have their own babies.

We recognize baby features as cute. Babies have big heads (in relation to their body size) and big eyes (in relation to the size of their head). They have high pitched voices and soft features.

Many animals also have these features – like cats (big eyes, big head, high pitched, soft features) which leads us to find them cute too. Sometimes though, our love for these things leads us to ignore their dangers when those cats get big.

That said, evolution has equipped us well to survive, so most of us don’t have the instinct to cuddle with and/or pet snakes, scorpions, etc.

Bears are friend shaped!

Humans tend to find smaller version of things cute. Including pancakes.

But people who like snakes and reptiles are generally weird. There are exceptions to this rule about finding dangerous animals cute.