How are live-action movies dubbed into other languages?


I can understand animated movies because the sounds in those are just effects added in with a computer, so it’s easy for the company to remove the voices and send the voiceless version to the dubbers. In live-action movies, though, the sounds are being produced by the actors themselves. How do they take out the voices without damaging the audio quality, such as footsteps and doors opening?

In: Technology

The mics used in film making can get pretty specific with exactly what sounds they want to pick up, and tend to stick to the actor dialogue. Most of the sounds you hear like footsteps, doors, etc., are added in later. The dubbing really just replaces the voice audio tracks, so its not too difficult of a process.

Even in live-action film and television, most sound effects like footsteps, doors opening, etc are actually added in by foley artists during post-production and merged in with the voice track.

Dubbing is just a matter of stripping the voice track and replacing it with a new one.