How are the hands and feet connected when it comes to sweating?


If my hands and feet are sweating, but I put cotton socks on, my feet either stop sweating completely or significantly reduce sweating. Then my hands follow and stop. If I wear sandals or anything that makes me feet sweat, my hands start sweating. It’s the strangest thing. What does my feet have to do with my hands?? I definitely sweat a lot more in the summer. My hands and feet are bone dry in the winter. I think it’s humidity that triggers my hyper hidrosis. But why are the two connected?

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by connected? Like connected to each other?

I remember Myth Busters once conducted an experiment with two individuals. One was fully clothed except hands, feet, head, and the other was fully naked except hands feet head. And the barefoot one couldnt stand the cold for long whilist the one with just gloves footwear and a hat didnt mind the cold. Seems to show that most of our heat is regulated through feet, hands and head. Look into it I am sure you’ll find plenty of fun stuff

Hands and feet are important for temperature regulation. It’s natural to sweat on them when hot (or nervous).

If you put on socks in warm weather I’d expect your hands to sweat *more* since they now have to compensate for decreased cooling ability of your feet.