How can photographers get photos without people in the background.


At super touristy places like Trevi Fountain, how do people get photos without people in the background?

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Wake up super early….. And you can get nicer softer light while you’re at it. And photo shopping less people out is always easier than the mass3s

Editing, just photoshop them out. You can take multiple photos to see what the people are blocking, layer the photos over each other and then erase the person from one photo to leave the photo where they’ve moved underneath.

For instance, say you take a photo and someone is in front of a sign, take another photo as they’ve moved past the sign(you will have to take many photos if there are loads of people). Layer the two photos on top of each other with the photo where they cover the sign on top in photoshop or another editor. Then you have to erase the person in front of the sign. This leaves the photo underneath in that area, therefore it will just be the sign without anyone in front.

One way is to take a photo with a really long time of exposure (the camera should be placed on a tripod). In bright sunlight you would need a Greyfilter for the lens though. Otherwise the picture would suffer from the overexposure. But there will probably still be a blurr in the area where many people moved through.