How can the earth be at a 23.5° angle if it’s also close to a perfect sphere?


How can there be an angle if earth is a sphere. A perfect ball doesn’t have a north does it.

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aren’t you talking about the angle the earth pivots?

The way the earth moves on itself is not the same as the way it moves around the sun. The difference is this angle

Imagine holding a basketball with line going directly up and down though the center. Now tilt it a little (23.5°). The ball is still a sphere, just a little tilted.

Our north is based on magnetic fields around the earth and those fields converge in on that imaginary line you just tilted. It is why compasses point North. So when you tilt the ball, the North goes with it.

Take a close-to-perfect-sphere.

Stick a wire through it from the bottom to the top.

Now tilt that wire roughly 23 degrees, such that the close-to-perfect-sphere is also tilted.

The sphere-ness of the Earth has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it’s tilted at an angle.

because the earth spins in a specific direction.

Also the earth isn’t a “perfect” sphere. It is 21km wider in one axis than the other. That is irrelevant to the definition that it can spin at an angle.

North is a magnetic field pole. Has nothing to do with the shape of the object.