how come doctors and nurses (or anyone working in the health care environment) are not constantly sick or catching stuff from infected patients.


I’m talking about the local doctor who sees 100s of flu patients a week and doesn’t get the flu for example.

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They are usually the first to get a flu vaccine.

But also high hygiene standards, and proper measures when dealing with highly contagious patients

Because of the work done by the Environmental Services Department! I have been a Manager for EVS for 15 years. We typically clean and disinfect all of the inpatient areas daily. That, along with practicing universal precautions, keeps all of our healthcare workers safe.

For the same reason that porn stars don’t get STIs even though they are having sex with lots of people all the time. They use proper precautions consistently. Precautions means frequent handwashing, gloves, disinfecting surfaces, getting vaccines, etc. Consistently means that they are all aware of the heightened risk, know how to mitigate it, use precautions everytime, and yell at each other for not adhering to proper safety protocols.

It’s the inverse of technology in cars. People feel more safe now because of amazing new car technology in cars (e.g., Tesla autopilot), and as a result they pay less attention to the road (e.g, they fall asleep at the wheel). On porn sets and in hospitals, people feel more exposed to risk, so they pay more attention to safety precautions.

PPE and BSI with understanding of how much is required for the situation. Generally people in healthcare wash their hands between every patient and are more careful. As an EMT we wear gloves and if there is a known contagious air borne illness we wear face masks designed to not allow the contagion to be breathed in. Even if it isn’t known based on symptoms we take the extra step of protection just in case. A lot of it just precautionary measures to prevent illness or contraction of a disease.

Isn’t some of it too being exposed to that stuff all the time strengthens their immune system? Wouldn’t that help?