how do 3D resin printers actually work?


It just baffles me man

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Resin hardens, or “cures” when exposed to specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light.

So what you have is a vat with liquid resin and a flat plate that submerges into the vat, extremely close to the bottom.

The bottom is actually a screen that can emit UV light, which it does so in a manner that corresponds to some 2D slice of your print.

This cures the resin between the bottom of the vat and the plate in the shape of that 2D slice, solidifying it. The plate then rises, bringing the solidified resin up with it. The screen emits UV light again in the shape of the next slice, curing more of the resin. The plate rises some more.

And this repeats until:

a) all the slices of the model have been printed

b) you run out of liquid resin

c) the plate can’t rise up any more.