How do dark green bottles prevent the beverages from degrading?


Many beverages like beers and wines & some edibles like vinegars etc come in dark or light green bottles. Even brown sometimes. How do the dark green and brown pigments in the glass prevent oxidation of these products?

In: Chemistry

It is done to prevent components which are sensitive to specific wavelengths (colours) of light from breaking down by letting the glass absorb most of it.

The color of the bottle blocks certain colors of light such as ultraviolet that will degrade the contents.

they don’t, really… it might be better than clear glass, but aluminum is a far superior material for protection from light. I always choose cans over bottles when I have the choice.

The problem the colored glass deals with isn’t oxidation, but chemical reactions caused by light.

In general, green glass is better than clear, brown glass is better than clear, and aluminum is better than brown.