How do speakers work? (See text for more specific)


So I know sound is just vibrations in the air at varying frequencies. However, I am confused about how speakers can replicate this in two ways:

1. When we speak we not only transmit various pitches (like a flute), but we also effect our sounds with the movement of our tongues. I know that it’s probably just affecting the frequency of the airwaves, but are we doing anything else to the sound when we move our tongue? I’ve been making weird sounds with my mouth the whole day trying to wrap my head around the idea that speech is just specifically timed pitches… and not “shaped” in any way to form consonants and vowels. (The fact that knocking on wood and singing is just different, specifically times vibrations)
2. In songs there are multiple chords, basslines, etc. How does a speaker do all these various tones at once? Or is there multiple speakers vibrating at different frequencies?


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