How do we get different power outputs (watts) with same voltage?


How do we get different power outputs (watts) with same voltage?

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Watts = voltage * amperage.

So if you want to change the watts you can change the amps flowing through the system.

You cut the resistance in half, you double the amps flowing.

So you control it that way if that’s your goal.

>ELI5: How do we get different power outputs (watts) with same voltage?

By drawing more **current**.
Power is Voltage multiplied by Current, so if you increase either while the other stays the same, you increase the Power.

It’s like you get different water streams from a faucet. The main difference is that nowadays electronics is able to switch on and off an electric current thousands times per second and so give you needed amount of power.

Increase the amperage. Which can be done a couple of ways. Decrease resistance and amperage increases. Wire the desired voltage in parallel called a parallel circuit. This is done by having multiple outputs of the desired voltage and attaching their positive leads together and their negative leads together. They add together to get the right amperage. You can do this with batteries too.

Side note: Wiring multiple outputs together in series increases the voltage. which means connecting positive to negative multiple times same thing applies that the sum of all the parts equal the voltage

To complete the set of equations from previous replies, the following objectively untrue equation is used daily worldwide because it’s so close to reality for industry (when we aren’t doing physics equations for fun):
V=IR, Voltage equals current multiplied by resistance. Taken together with P=VI: make devices that increase/decrease the voltage at different parts of the circuit (we don’t get to pick the starting voltage, that’s set by the circuit in the wall), and/or the resistance of the device you plug into the wall.

So, as a consequence of these equations, since we control resistance and voltage, we also control current and power.