how do wind turbines work


I live by Palm Springs where they have all those wind turbines. I’ve noticed some of them are spinning while others aren’t and some are going fast while others are going slow. How does that work?

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the blades can change their angle to keep them spinning at a constant rate or to shut them down either for maintenance or to control the amount of electricity flowing into the grid.

Each turbine is smart enough to spin at a certain speed. Without going into too much detail, different electric loads on the grid require power generators to spin at different speeds. The wind turbine is smart enough to adjust it’s speed based on what the grid needs at that time. The system can automatically tilt the blades to produce different spin rates as needed.

Additionally, wind turbines routinely need to be shut down for maintenance. They can be shut down and locked still by a braking system like a cars. Once stopped, crews can get out to work on it when scheduling allows. Once they’ve cleared it, the brakes can release and the wind turbine can spin back up to join the others.