How does a scramjet engine work


How does a scramjet engine work

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Just like a normal jet, but it doesn’t need a compressor.

Air enters the engine and compresses as it slows down. It doesn’t need a compressor to compress the air since it is moving so fast. The compressed air has fuel added which is ignited and expands out the back which pushes the plane forward.

Making one work is a lot tougher than it would seem given its apparent simplicity–it’s basically a fast moving tube in which fuel is injected and ignited.

The air is pushed into the engine just from the engine moving forwards at high speed, that’s why it only works at high speeds at all.

The inside of the engine gets narrower, which causes the rushing in air to be slowed down and compressed. In turbojet engines the compression is done with compressors, the giant fan you see in the front is a part of that. Into the compressed air fuel is injected, which causes it to expand and get pushed out the back, just like with turbojet engines.