How does talent work? Like, why is someone good at singing while someone else is good at drawing?


I don’t mean people that trained to be good at drawing etc. But more like people that are just naturally very talented at drawing or singing. How does that work? Is it embedded in your DNA?

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People do have different genetic abilities that aren’t hard coded skills. Someone who is good at music in general probably has slightly better hearing than normal which helps them to recognize pitch. Great chefs are often super tasters, which means that they are much more sensitive to taste. Athletes would have better gross motor control that allows them to get better at sports than most people.

Nature vs nurture. It’s mixed but I have to side more with nurture. Otherwise, I would give up before ever starting to learn anything new. Why even attempt if I wasn’t born with it. Talent is the product of curiosity, not just hours spent doing something. IMO, If you don’t enjoy something enough to make practice one with enjoyment, you will never be able to dedicate the hours to become talented at something. A singer will express themselves through singing (alone or otherwise) same as an artist does with drawing. This whole time they are practicing, but their brain translates these actions as normal and necessary as breathing because they find enjoyment in it. When you ask these people – “Wow, your good! How do you do it?”. They tend to discount all that practice they do all the time – “I don’t know”. You translate this reaction to be natural ability and the person carries on with singing or doodling (unconscious practicing), ironic.

In every merit-based system, only a few % of people will be at the top level by definition.

To be at the top you need to have everything to be just right.

Genetics for talent, genetics to put work (characteristics like Laziness/workaholic is genetic and environmental), proper environment(friends, family and connections) and proper nutrition in developmental age.

Most successful people are “Lucky” to have good genetics for talent and genetics for hard work and a proper environment.

Random guy who trains a lot vs a guy who trains a lot also with right genes, the random guy will always lose.

It is just unfortunate biological reality like the height of a person