How does the human brain store memories?


How does the human brain store memories?

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From what i’ve heard recently. No one really knows. No one really knows where it is stored either since you can lose pretty much any part of your brain and still have memories. Is it everywhere and does it have duplicates just in case? No one knows.

Correct me if i’m wrong. I did zero ressearch but heard about this recently somewhere. Didnt fact check

Memories are stored through association in ways too complex to understand but relatively easy to explain simply. Imagine someone speaking to you in a language ya do not understand. All of those mouth sounds mean absolutely nothing to you but to the people who speak that language, they have agreed that certain sounds have certain meanings. It’s not an agreement anyone talks about or plans, it’s just how people speak and interact with each other. There is also nothing about each mouth sound that would directly relate to its meaning. Like how the word “apple” doesn’t look like an apple or sound like any sounds an apple can make etc.

Your brain stores knowledge and memories by association like how languages work between people in that certain connections in your brain only mean something because the rest of your brain agrees and uses it that way. Additionally, memories are reconstructed each time they are remembered rather than stored like a video file on a computer. Take every element of an event and associate each brain part that represents those elements and the total association between those parts is your memory. Altering how different things are associated can affect your memory of past events because they are always reconstructed based on the associations currently existing in your brain. This is why people remember past events differently among other reasons.