How stormy weather can cause migraines.


How stormy weather can cause migraines.

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Are you asking if they could or are you asserting that that *do* cause migraines and asking why that is?

Barometric pressure and high humidity, can cause it, I think pressure and moisture contribute to it for some folks.

Likely the changes in pressure. Storms typically arise when two different pressure systems collide, and some people might be sensitive to those changes.

I’ve had a stroke caused by a concussion and three concussions since then and am now extremely sensitive to weather changes which knock me on my ass.

If you think of the current air around you acting as a compression sleeve on your head. Now a storm comes in, and lowers the atmosphere pressure levels, which is the equivalent to removing the compression sleeve from your head. Now everything in your head is kind of out of whack because the pressure isn’t level.

For me, low pressure storms, suck big time.