simple explanation of monkey pox.


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Monkey Pox is a virus that is primarily found in Central Africa, that was first Identified in lab monkeys. The symptoms are much like smallpox, but more mild. It isn’t very deadly and is not very contagious ( transmissible through close physical contact and fluid exchange). It isn’t something to fret over.

Monkeypox is a virus, a variant of the smallpox. It is very similar to smallpox, cowpox, (edit: not chickenpox), etc. The immune system will even identify them as the same so if you have had smallpox or are vaccinated against smallpox then you are most likely immune to monkeypox as well. It does not spread through the air or through droplets, only through touch. We do suspect that the latest outbreak of monkeypox is mostly transmitted through sexual interaction which naturally includes a lot of touching and rubbing. In addition to normal virus infection symptoms like fever, swollen lymph nodes and being tired monkeybox also causes rash turning into blisters and crusts in the areas infected. These are the most infectious areas.

The recommendations to deal with the monkeypox outbreak is to make sure your vaccines are up to date. If you get symptoms then you should take it seriously to prevent spreading the disease further.

It’s a virus similar to smallpox. It was discovered in 1972 in monkeys. In humans, it can take up to 21 days before showing symptoms, which included swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion, aching, and lots of small boils. It’s a little less deadly than smallpox, only killing about 10% of those infected. There is no known reliable treatment. Monkeypox was first found in humans in late 2018. A vaccine, called Jynneos, was first approved in 06/2019 and most recently approved in 07/2021.