What are Iron Domes and how do they work?


What are Iron Domes and how do they work?

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Assuming you are talking about the missile defense system:
Radar detects a projectile incoming, system launches a rocket, rocket destroys projectile mid air, projectile doesn’t hit its target.

The Iron Dome is a missile defense system produced and operated by Israel.

It has 3 major components. The Radar Station, the launcher, and the interceptor missile.

The radar station detects incoming enemy missiles and an operator decides on whether or not to intercept it. If interception is necessary (IE: The missile is projected to threaten a populated area), the launcher with the best chance of success will fire a series of interceptor missiles. The radar station will guide the interceptors to the enemy missile. If interception is successful, any extra interceptor missiles will self destruct. Otherwise, more interceptors will be launched until the enemy missile is destroyed.