What causes sneezes to sound different?


Sometimes my sneezes make a honking noise, sometimes just forceful air, and rarely almost a squeak. I’m mostly curious about the honking. What causes sneezes to make the sound they do?

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I don’t have an answer but it’s interesting that some people I’m close to (my brother for example), I would definitely be able to identify the sound of their sneeze in a crowd. It’s like it has its own distinct sound. Not that he has a unique way of sneezing, just that the sound is like a voice in its uniqueness.

It has to do with the amount of air that travels to the nose vs your mouth. You nose, mouth and lungs actually form a sort of instrument. Like a trumpet.

Some people sort of block a sneeze. Atleast some people I know. I think that this is not healthy. A huge amount of force is created and needs to vent from the mouth or nose if you block it that pressure needs to go somewhere.