What chemical reaction do drugs have (in particular MDMA) that makes us more sociable and why can’t people just “be like that” when they’re sober?


Does it remove that anxious social barrier or it something else? Really intrigued as to what goes on in the mind.

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Overproduction of reward chemicals/endorphins leads to lack of inhibition/inhibiting emotions or emotional states that would otherwise hold someone back from being spun out lovie type

But that’s v general and I’m not particularly educated, myself. Tracer comment/upvote in part, here. Lol

The serotonin in our brain makes us feel pleasure, so all drugs that have a euphoric effect increase the level of serotonin in the brain. MDMA will give you a happiness feeling, but once the drug leaves your system, you have no way to create your own happiness. So you want to take more drugs, and then you can get “stuck” in a cycle of not being happy without drugs. It causes an extreme release of dopamine/serotonin in the prefrontal cortex, which causes the increase in social skills. The problem is the lack of regulation. Basically if you just do what you feel with the serotonin/dopamine release then you are probably going to burn out all those receptors, making it much harder to produce those feel-good chemicals normally. It also affects learning too, and long term memories, so that’s also not good. When you don’t have those chemicals you will most likely have a hard time regulating your mood, sleep, etc, which will cause anxiety/depression/etc.

Basically, you’re so high from what the drugs do that you do not care about what people think about you/how you look, or at least not care if people look down upon it. You’re feeling safe, real happy, enjoying the social aspect and not worrying about the every day stresses of life.

Thats why we can’t be like this every day. Its not reality lol.

There are stuff in your body and brain called neurotransmitters. These are molecules that some cells secrete and some cells take up, this is how they communicate. The most notable are probably endorphines (your bodys own painkillers), dopamine (reward molecule, it gets secreted when you do something that is beneficial to you and your survival like high calorie food, sex etc) and serotonin (love molecule, it makes you attached to stuff and makes you feel happy and euphoric)

MDMA, when you eat or snort it, goes into the bloodstream, then to the brain. In the brain, it makes cells secrete serotonin and dopamine, as well as norepinephrine (its like adrenaline, but while adrenaline is used mostly in the fight or flight reflex, norepinephrine is more broadly used by the body) this makes you energetic by activating the “oo stuff is happening better get ready” part of your nervous system.

These chemicals if present, make you feel how i described in the first paragraph, except you did nothing that would normally get the chemicals flowing, its just the mdma molecules on the cells constantly supplying the information that they have to make the happy chemicals, so they make lots and lots of it, making you feel the high.

Another thing is that your body usually picks these up to get the concentrations of the neurotransmitter down to the resting level. Mdma also blocks this, so the already higher than normal concentrations keep being higher than nornal, making you feel happy for longer.

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