what happens when a plane flies over closed airspace?


I’ve seen some Aeroflot planes over EU at the time when the airspace was closed, and nothing seemingly happened. What are the consequences for the plane, the company and the country for flying over the airspace that was closed?

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They usually will be alerted and escorted to a landing area or outside the closed airspace. Or just show down.

They are escorted to a landing zone by military aircraft.

If they refuse to be escorted, they’re shot down.

– Airspace is not closed in a matter of minutes,l especially not when dozens of countries are involved.

– In the most extreme case (which will hopefully never happen again (looking at the US and looking at Russia)) the aircraft can be intercepted and shot down.

– In other cases a civilian aircraft must submit a flight plan for the entire flight. That flight plan must be approved by all authorities involved, which in peace time is usually not a problem. In the case of a closed airspace the flight plan will not be approved and the pilot know that they cannot reach their destination. Hence they will not fly, as this would easily mean legel consequences and removal of their flight license.

*And pilots really like their flight licenses*.


Shot down? As a drone user there is absolutely no way of flying near a airport or a prison, yes I’ve tryed lol the software won’t allow the drone to take-off, so not to sure on this one, hope my info helped tho

The notices, called NOTAMs (notice to air men) are published with an effective date. That’s not in the past. Airlines have to have time to get their planes back. So the airspace was closed today, probably effective in a couple days. Even at 9/11, planes in flight were allowed to reach their final destination.