Where the fuck is brown on the color wheel?


Where the fuck is brown on the color wheel?

In: Physics

and somebody explain what’s up with pink too, while were at it

also, is it a coincidence that the types of white noise are white, brown, and pink

The color wheel consists of the primary colors in the middle of the white/black shade gradient. Brown is not technically on it since it does not fall in that range. It does exist on the extended color wheel in a darker shade of the color orange.

Look at the colours of a rainbow. Those are the colours naturally present in sunlight. There’s no brown slice because brown is not a single part of the spectrum.

Brown is a mixture of multiple colours. Pink is a mix of red and white.

Brown is roughly dark yellow. The colour wheel includes only the fully saturated colours, i.e., those that are as vivid as possible. To generate the other colours, add some amount of black and/or white.