Why are we less aware of our own bad breath than a person standing close to us?


Why are we less aware of our own bad breath than a person standing close to us?

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you just slowly get used to it until your brain’s like “yeah we know this smell is here, it’s not helpful to tell you about it anymore”

just like if you have pets your house probably smells like pets but only people who don’t have pets will be able to tell you

I don’t know the technical answer, and this probably isn’t the best phrase for it but I’ve always heard it as becoming ‘nose blind’. If you’re around a smell constantly you eventually don’t notice it anymore.
So like people who work jobs around smelly smells eventually become nose blind to the smell and it dosen’t bother them.
Or the folks who hoard cats eventually don’t notice the smell of cat waste.

Firstly your nose and mouth are connected via the pharynx so you aren’t really able to independently smell your own breath.

You also become desensitised or adapted to the smells around you, eg if you own a dog, you won’t smell the doggy smell but a visitor may notice a smell. Or you work in a factory with strong smells, you get used to the smells while others will smell it on your clothes.

Is the same with bad breath

To check if you have bad breath., try licking the back of your hand, leave it for a few secs then smell

You notice how when you take a dump it’s not so bad, but when your wife walks in to do her makeup she says she’s worried about your health? Same thing.

Give yourself a lick on wherever you choose. Smell it. That’s what your breath smells like.
Brush your teeth, gums, and tongue. Floss.

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