Why can’t stretch marks be undone?


Why can’t stretch marks be undone?

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Because its a scar like when you cut ur knee bc the skin has stretched or shrunk to fast. Basically there is a component that is elastic in skin and muscle and like how a rubber band can snap if stretched too far or too fast, the component is distributed causing a stretch mark as it is unable to go back to how it was before.

They can somewhat, but it requires deliberately breaking up the scar tissue that causes them, prompting it to re-heal with less obvious pattern.

Stretch marks are scars: the collagen sub-layer (sort of a support framework under our skin) has been damaged. The same sort of damage that causes other scarring, including acne scarring.

Any of these scars can be re-injured – with care and skill – to break up the way that collagen and skin have mended so that they’re less apparent. But it can only be done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with the right tools and training. Small scars can sometimes be filled; a physical filler, or a physical filler + another agent that stimulates collagen growth. Larger scars like stretch marks require breaking up the scarred tissue, with care, under and along the length of the scar.





These videos are from board-certified dermatologists/plastic surgeons in the USA; other countries may have other approved treatments using slightly different techniques.