Why did a bouncer take a photo of my ID?


In Washington DC, I went to a corporate happy hour but forgot my ID. I had a picture of it on my phone so I showed it to the bouncer/event promoter. He said since it was on my phone, he had to take photo of it. I knew he was bullsh**ting since he didn’t mention that until after staring at my photo for awhile. I didn’t care since I had moved out of state and the information was old. I’m curious though… why do you think he wanted to take a photo of my ID? Did he want my address?

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Probably just trying to cover his own ass as proof he “saw id.” Bouncers can potentially get both the bar and themselves into a lot of legal trouble if they are caught letting people in underage.

In reality, having a picture that he looked at a picture of an id will do him no good for that though.