Why do we bleed from everywhere even if a vein isn’t cut?


Why do we bleed from everywhere even if a vein isn’t cut?

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All of your tissues are perfused by tiny vessels called capillaries. These will bleed when damaged, just like veins and arteries 👍

Answer- Every single cell in your body relies on blood to keep it alive. Blood brings in food and oxygen and takes away waste. The ateries carry blood to smaller and smaller vessels until each cell has been fed.

Every part of your body has small veins that connect to the larger ones you can see under your skin. It’s like a road map. Every house [cell] has a path leading to it, and all those paths lead to larger and larger roads.

Think of a road map. You have these huge multi-lane roads called motorways (or highways or whatever your locale calls them) that span a long distance. Off that road are a bunch of slightly smaller ones. They’re usually big too but not so wide or long and support a bit less traffic, maybe head into large cities. Off that road, even more roads splinter off. These go to various towns and villages. Off those roads, we get to these even smaller ones that only have maybe a few houses in the street. And those roads serving a house will all have a tiny driveway.

Those relatively few major roads we started with form connections with essentially every building in the country.

Now think of those major roads as the major blood vessels. Think of the houses as the cells. The smallest roads are “capillaries”, tiny blood vessels that extend out from the other blood vessels.

Thus all the cells of your body get a supply of oxygenated blood. That means when you cut yourself there’s some blood in that region.