Why does VoIP sound so terrible on consoles, but programs like Discord/Teamspeak/Ventrilo give us crystal clear audio for free?


Can’t seem to justify this myself. Discord is a free program, and we get crystal clear audio from it on both Mobile and PC. I know Discord is relatively new and more modern, but then we have Teamspeak as an example of a program which has had very clear audio over VoIP and is also free. What makes these consoles have such horrendous quality when it comes to voice chatting when you pay monthly to even use their online services? Is it just a case of being lazy or not caring on the developers part, or is there some other hardware or server restriction which is causing this?

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For starters default microphones that come with consoles are cheap. Then the service is also cheap for allocating bandwidth per console. This is to cut down of overheads. You are mostly paying for their advertising with subscription.

Might just be your mic as the default PlayStation mic I have sounds clearer than talking on a phone.

Likely the bandwidth meaning how much data gets sent. More data, clearer sound.

It’s possible that the console makers use a low rate so as to have less issues with gamers on slow internet connections. Meaning more people can use the feature. Cost is another factor too.