Why is the picture in night vision goggles green?


Why is the picture in night vision goggles green?

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Because your eyes see more shades of green then any other color (or so i have been told) so it gives better depth then black and white.

It’s because of how our eyes work. They are more sensitive to green, so it’s easier to see and green light is easier to look at for long period of time.

When the light enters the goggles, it’s converted to electricity, then boosted electrically, then the light hits a phosphor screen (like the screen part of old school CRT displays) and converted again to light. There’s no way to preserve the color, so it’s effectively a black and white image, but it’s converted to Green because our eyes see better contrast that way.

Our eyes are most sensitive to green light and can see contrast better than black/white. All night vision does is take available light and artificially increases it and displays it to your eyes