WTF is happening in China right now?


Riots, protests, unrest, but why? I somehow completely missed the news.


Well there’s some guy cutting lawns, a lady who paints intricate artwork, lots of smog, a kid being born. What specifically are you asking about?

Hong Kong is a lot more liberal and western than ‘mainland’ China and enjoys a fair bit of autonomy despite being notionally part of China.

The current protests are over new extradition laws which would potentially allow for people to be deported to mainland China for sentencing and punishment where the penal system is generally more severe. There is also worry about China doing its usual “re-education” of political opponents and outspoken commentators.

Hong Kong isn’t exactly as free as western Europe but not as bad as mainland China. The people don’t like it so a protesting (note covering faces to protect identify and prevent backlash). As always the news covers the most sensational parts with clashes and rioters because it is more interesting than half a million people slowly walking down the street, so it looks like Hong Kong is a war zone.

That’s not to say the crackdown by government hasn’t been heavy though…

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