What is happening when you stand up quickly and suddenly get light headed?


Sometimes you can walk a few steps before feeling woozy and other times it’s like everything is spinning as soon as you stand.

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Your blood is falling from your abdomen to your legs, lowering your blood pressure in your head. Your heart then starts beating faster to bring the pressure back up. The dizzyness is the lowered bp for that few moments.

Orthostatic hypotension. When you get up, your blood pressure needs to accommodate the postural change and sometimes it takes a little to catch up.

The otonomic nerve system can’t keep up regulating bp under stressful conditions. That’s more likely to happen in warmer climates.

It tends to happen more in younger people, or people with low blood pressure – and as long as it’s not causing any significant issues (you’re not falling over), isn’t anything to worry about.

Not uncommon.

I had it as a teenager but “grew out of it” (and in recent years my blood pressure has gone up)