Where does fat go when we lose it?

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How does the body remove “burned” fat?

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It largely becomes carbon dioxide, which you breath out. Both fat and sugar are broken down for energy through metabolic processes, the end of which is H2O and CO2.

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It is exhaled as carbon dioxide and water as the fat is “burned” it is converted into other chemical releasing energy in the process.

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When you lose weight, the fat in your body is broken down into two main things: water and carbon dioxide.

The water part comes out through your sweat or pee, and the carbon dioxide part is what you breathe out

So, most of the fat you lose is actually exhaled as carbon dioxide when you breathe, It’s pretty cool to think that every time you take a deep breath out, you’re getting rid of a tiny bit of fat.

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A mixture of breathing it out and pissing it out. Chemically, fat is almost entirely hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms, and when it is metabolised it becomes carbon dioxide (which you exhale when you breathe) and water (which the kidneys filter out from the blood and expel as part of your urine).

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By weight, most of it comes out as CO2. You breathe it out.

Here’s an old TED talk that demonstrates it:

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Fat cells shrink and expand when you gain or lose weight.  You don’t get more fat cells or lose them except through surgical means. When the energy is burned its typically released as co2 and waste through poop or urine.  

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Fat is a biological battery storing energy. Throw a log on a fire and it will burn. Same concept.

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Pee and breath.

Basic fat is a bunch of Carbon atoms (C) and Hydrogen atoms (H), so mixed with Oxygen (O) we breathe in, it produces CO2 that we exhale as gas and H2O (water) that we exhale as vapor or evacuate as urine (liquide).

Sugar molecules have a different composition of C, H and O, but the main result is the same (CO2 and H2O).

If you eat pure sugar or pure fat, you’ll produce very little poo (only from dead cells and broken proteins). You’ll have lots of difficiencies, get sick and have all kinds of physiological troubles, but you won’t poo much. Poo is good, so eat your fats and sugars in a form where they’re combines with fibers (fruits and veggies), vitamins (things with a variety of colors, without coloring of course) and proteins (nuts, beans).