[ELI5] What is an Amoeba? Are they all dangerous like the brain eating variant?


I heard recently that someone got a brain eating amoeba. Are there other variants that are as dangerous for internal organs or was this just one type that happened to infect the brain?

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amoeba are single-cell animals, slightly more evolved than bacteria.

Some are dangerous, some aren’t.
Biggest danger is stomach diseases, from drinking dirty water, or washing fruit in dirty water.

Brain-eating amoeba is pretty unique and pretty rare. But our media knows that scares generate more clicks.

Amoebas are a category of single cell organisms that move by changing shape, or more simply put, they “ooze” around. There are bacterial, animal, fungus, and plant amoebas.

There are many, many different species of amoeba which live in very different ways. There are a few types that are dangerous to humans, but most of them are harmless to us. There are probably quite a few harmless amoebas living on your skin and in your digestive tract right now.