Eli5 why do 4 cylinder engines still take up so much room?


I’ve worked on several cars with 4 cylinder engines that were offered with a 6 cylinder engine, and same for 6 and 8 cylinder variants. I don’t understand why the engine bay is so crowded when there is a smaller engine in the vehicle.

Just for an example off the top of my head, the 2016 Dodge Durango, I’m familiar with the V6

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Four cylinder engines are about the same length as a V-8 and longer than a V-6. Double overhead cams and crossflow manifolds add a lot of width to the engine, so there’s not a lot of apparent difference in size.

Inline 4 cylinders are not as wide but are usually close to the same length as a v8 since they both are the length of 4 cylinders+ the other bits.

A lot of cars using transverse engine setups means you will be pressed against the sides no matter the engine size

Though a longitudinal mounted engine you will likely see an improvement in space to work on common parts.