How do inactive fat people gain strength?


I have a skinny fat friend (more on the fat side) and a fat friend and the fat friend seems to have way more natural strength than my skinny fat friend. My skinny fat friend weighs about 90 more pounds than me yet he isn’t able to outlift me. Both of them don’t play sports and are beginners in the gym, how is it possible that my skinny fat friend has virtually no strength whereas my fat friend has a lot of strength if they’re both inactive?

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Force = Mass * Acceleration

The bigger guy has more mass and is able to produce a stronger force.

You ever heard of farmer’s strength, my guy?

Someone who is fat will be stronger than a non-athletic skinny/non-fat person typically from the simple fact that existing and moving at all requires their muscles to be stronger to move the greater weight. Additionally any strength action that utilizes shifting the persons weight as an aid or leverage device will favor the fat person considerably as they have more weight to shift and utilize.

Muscle mass is a product of genetics as well as behavior. Some people simply have more muscle mass to start with, and/or put on muscle more easily through exercise.