How does ‘EndeavorRx’ treat ADHD?


I read about it in this BBC article,, and I can’t see how it helps?

I have ADHD myself, and would like it know.

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From the paper that this intervention is based on, it seems that the primary brain process targeted is cognitive interference. Basically, it’s when your brain’s functioning is affected by the presence of multiple tasks.

This seems to be one of the primary differences between an ADHD brain and a non-ADHD brain. This susceptibility to cognitive interference is what underlies many of the impulsivity and sustained attention issues.

EndeavorRx tries to address this through a game. I don’t know specifically how the game does this, but I’d imagine that it’s a game of sorts that throws multiple tasks at you at once. The game would help you improve at this ability, reducing your susceptibility to cognitive interference.

I’m just taking this from that article.

“The Boston-based tech firm behind EndeavorRx, says the game has been designed to boost cognitive progressing.”

How” I dunno, but …. It’s “designed to **stimulate** and **improve** areas of the brain that play a key role in attention function.” So, brain training by playing a game that specifically involves stimulating (waking up) areas of the brain that are less active for ADHD people.

“The idea is that it trains a child with ADHD to both better multitask and ignore distractions, with a computer algorithm measuring his or her performance and customising the difficulty of the game in real time.” So, it measures how much of that stimulation you can handle, an customizes the difficulty.

“But it turns out that sensory stimuli can actually directly stimulate parts of the brain controlling cognitive function.” Doctors and scientist kinda knew this for a long time.

“Engaging with a game has the ability to remove aspects of feeling like we are being tested and measured,” so, the game aspect makes it easier to focus on in the first place, and makes it feel less like therapy, or that you are under the microscope.