How does lip balm work?


How does lip balm work?

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It balms your lips ….😜😳🤣

I’m playing…it creates a heavier layer being usually oil based so lasts longer to hydrate the layers of the skin than say a pigment designed to add colour which will eventually dehydrate the lip area.

It moisturizes the skin on your lips, which is generally more tender than other areas. Skin drying out causes chafing, chapping, etc. which can be painful and cause rashes especially in hotter/drier climates. The tenderness of lip skin is why there are separate products for moisturizing your lips and say lotion for other areas of skin. Also probably the proximity to your mouth – you want edible stuff to be in lickin’ distance of the old tongue

The surface of our lips is different from the surface of the skin on the rest of our bodies. Our lips are made of the same mucus membrane that coats the inside of our mouths. This means two things: First, our lips don’t have the same protective outer layer as the skin elsewhere on our bodies. This layer is part of the barrier to evaporation, and its absence means our lip skin retains less fluid. Second, our lips don’t have the same glands and pigments as ordinary skin. For example, lips don’t have oil glands, which also help keep moisture from evaporating, and they contain less melanin, the pigment that helps protect our skin from sunburn. What this means is that our lips have little to no protection from the environment, and their main source of moisture is the saliva that comes from our mouths. This is why we apply an extra layer of oily/waxy substances to help seal in moisture and protect them from getting dry, sore and sunburned